A pair of words formed with prefixes that convey the same meaning is

COVID-19 Economy: Expert insights on what you need to know

As we practice social distancing and businesses struggle to adapt, it’s no secret the unique challenges of Covid-19 are profoundly shaping our economic climate. U.S. Bank financial industry and regulatory affairs expert Robert Schell explains what you need to know in this uncertain time.

• Don’t panic while things are “on pause”

Imagine clicking the pause button on your favorite TV show. Whether you stopped to make dinner or put kids to bed, hitting pause gives you time to tackle what matters most. Today’s economy is similar. While we prioritize health and safety, typical activities like driving to work, eating at restaurants, traveling and attending sporting events are on hold. This widespread social distancing takes a toll on our economy, putting strain on businesses and individuals alike.

Keep your financial habits as normal as possible during this time. Make online purchases, order takeout, pay bills and buy groceries. These everyday purchases put money back into the economy and prevent it from dipping further into a recession.

• Low interest rates could help make ends meet

In March, the Federal Reserve cut rates drastically to boost economic activity and make borrowing more affordable. For you, this means interest rates are low for credit cards, loans and lines of credit, and even fixed-rate mortgages. Consider taking advantage of these low rates if you need extra help paying your bills, keeping your business running or withstanding a period of unemployment.

• Spend on small businesses

Looking to make a positive impact? Supporting small businesses is an easy and powerful way to help. You can order takeout, tip generously or donate to your local brick-and-mortar retail store, if they provide that option. Your support makes a big impact for struggling business owners.

• Prior economic strength may help us bounce back

The thriving economy of 2019 isn’t just a distant, bittersweet memory. When our health is no longer at risk and social distancing mandates begin to diminish, we’ll slowly start to rebuild. The stability, low unemployment rate and upward-trending market we experienced prior to Covid-19 puts us in a good position to kick-start economic activity and rebound more quickly.
Available at <https://www.usbank.com/fi nancialiq/ manage-your-
html>. Retrieved on: Jul. 20, 2021. Adapted.

In the 1st paragraph, the word uncertain, in the fragment “in this uncertain time” is formed with the prefix un-.

A pair of words formed with prefixes that convey the same meaning is:

(A) doubtful / joblessness 
(B) unique / only 
(C) impossible / discourage 
(D) certainty / envision
(E) inside / intimate


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(C) impossible / discourage





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Questões com Gabarito: A pair of words formed with prefixes that convey the same meaning is
A pair of words formed with prefixes that convey the same meaning is
A pair of words formed with prefixes that convey the same meaning is
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