II - A expressão wear and tear (l. 30) diz respeito aos vários ternos rasgados durante a gravação do filme em que Cary Grant atuou.

“Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes,” says EM Forster in A Room With a View, adapting a quote ........ Henry David Thoreau. What a spoilsport. With the acquisition of new and unusual kit comes the chance to become someone fresher, sexier or, at the very least, someone who is prepared to give yellow a go.

The reason we are so desperate to buy or borrow new clothes, says the academic and broadcaster Shahidha Bari in her clever, subtle book, is because they appear to bestow ........ us a charm and intellect that we can’t quite muster for ourselves. Yet the moment we acquire that new coat or those new trousers, we realise that nothing much has changed at all. For no matter how fancy we look on the surface, ........we still come with metaphorical trailing threads and odd socks.

Bari wants us to think not so much about what clothes say as how they make us feel. Take the suit. The one that she has in mind is worn by Cary Grant in North by Northwest (1959). Designed by Grant’s Savile Row tailor, Kilgour, French and Stanley, this suit combines a ventless jacket with high-waisted, forward pleated trousers. It is a suit (or suits – during the five month shoot Grant got through eight replicas, since hanging from Mount Rushmore by your fingertips involves a certain wear and tear) that is simultaneously authoritative and insouciant.

_____ the appeal of the suit is that it doesn’t look as if it’s trying too hard, Bari is convinced that beneath that sheeny worsted surface, it is doing important work. She is good at dresses too. By rights, of course, they have no business being in any modern woman’s wardrobe. Nearly a hundred years after it became acceptable for “advanced” females to wear “divided skirts” ........ the tennis court, why would anyone voluntarily shimmy themselves into a garment designed to cling to one’s body while simultaneously restricting its movement? Bari is particularly good on how a dress looks while on a hanger – like a second skin waiting for flesh and blood to make it live. It is this sense of the dress as an alternative self that makes it so potent, far more charged, say, than well-cut trousers or Merino jumpers: “This dress – not a poem, not a painting but a dress – is something, maybe even all things, that we are not.” Which is why it is the item most likely to be languishing, unworn, at the back of the wardrobe, waiting for the moment when we feel good enough – thin enough, feminine enough, just enough enough – to put it on.
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Considere as seguintes afirmações acerca do vocabulário do texto.

I - A expressão give yellow a go (l. 08) indica que amarelo não é uma cor popular para roupas. 

II - A expressão wear and tear (l. 30) diz respeito aos vários ternos rasgados durante a gravação do filme em que Cary Grant atuou. 

III- O paralelismo das ocorrências da palavra enough permite afirmar que, na construção enough enough (l. 57), o primeiro termo funciona como um adjetivo, ao passo que o segundo é um advérbio. 

Quais estão corretas?

(A) Apenas I.
(B) Apenas II.
(C) Apenas I e III.
(D) Apenas II e III.
(E) I, II e III.


(C) Apenas I e III.

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Questões com Gabarito: II - A expressão wear and tear (l. 30) diz respeito aos vários ternos rasgados durante a gravação do filme em que Cary Grant atuou.
II - A expressão wear and tear (l. 30) diz respeito aos vários ternos rasgados durante a gravação do filme em que Cary Grant atuou.
II - A expressão wear and tear (l. 30) diz respeito aos vários ternos rasgados durante a gravação do filme em que Cary Grant atuou.
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